Jeff Klinger grew up recording voice overs for commercials, cartoons, promos, movie trailers, industrials, narrations, webinars, videos, voiceovers, commercial voiceover, promo voiceovers, movie voiceovers, training videos, acting videos, educational videos, presentation voiceovers, advertising campaigns, advertising presentations, television commercials, films, movies, and kids shows. He’s a voice over guy, who has taken voice over courses, voice over classes, done voice over training, has a few voice over agents, is an advertising voice a trailers voice, a promo voice, is a voice of trailers, performs voice over acting with other voice over artists and voiceover artists, within a voiceover agency and voice over agency and voice over agencies, does not offer free voice overs or voiceovers for free, but is a voice over artist and a voiceover artist. He admired Don La Fontaine, and Joe Cipriano, and many others in the voiceover business while being a voiceover talent, and voice over talent. He has recorded thousands of voiceover jobs does, voice work, with character voices, commercial voices, promos voices, trailer voices, television voices, radio voices, advertising voices, and childrens voices. He has read many books and has listened to many books on tape. He is a profession voice over artist, who also records a lot of radio imaging, web voiceovers, movie voices, and voice over demos. He gives sound advice when others ask him about the voiceover industry. He has a voiceover career and a voice over career also. He does television promos. He has a sexy voice, a smooth voice, an energized voice, an advertising voice, a television voice, a movie voice, a promo voice, a radio voice and a fun voice. He doesn’t like to be put on hold and listen to on hold messaging, but he does have an online voiceover career. He is a voiceover actor but is not a british voiceover artist, or a spanish voiceover artist and does not do british voiceovers or spanish voiceovers. He has done several voiceovers for video, has participated in voiceover casting, has worked with several voiceover talent agents and is still doing yoga, running, riding a bike, exercising, reading a kindle, golfing uses an ipad and an iphone and loves apple products. He’s nice.